Personal Flotation Device (Life-Vest) Policy

-Everyone in boat (including your guide) must wear personal flotation device at all times. 

-To ensure a safe and proper fit of PFDs, anyone wishing to book a trip must have a chest size from 30” to 52”. 

-Your guide will make sure your PFDs are properly fitted before getting underway.

-We only use Mustang Survival Elite 38 Inflatatables – The most comfortable & most buoyant Inflatable PFD on the market.

Wheelchair Policy 

-Clients utilizing wheelchairs must have wheels securely fastened to securing system while boat is underway (main motor engaged). Your guide will strap and unstrap these for you.

-Wheelchairs must have their brakes engaged while boat is underway.

-Clients utilizing wheelchairs are never to be seat-belted, fastened or secured to their wheelchairs in any way at any time, while in boat. 

Whenever main motor is not engaged, anglers in wheelchairs are free to move about the boat. Our boat is designed with ample deck space for anglers in wheelchairs to comfortably move about. Our fast & simple 4-point wheelchair securing system & custom handrails also ensure comfort & safety.

Dressing for Conditions

-All Caregivers are responsible for ensuring themselves and clients are adequately dressed for conditions. People often underestimate the effects of sun exposure. Please take steps such as wearing wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeve shirts (ideally cotton, or wool in cooler weather) and pants. We provide sunscreen, but putting a base layer on upon arrival is always a good idea.

Our boat has plenty of room for your extra jackets, rain gear, etc. and you need to bring these items. If the weather changes, we want everyone to be comfortable. 

Bad Weather Policy

We usually know if there is going to be bad weather or high winds a day in advance but sometimes the weather man misses the forecast. Your guide makes the call on if conditions are safe enough to go out. 

If it is raining the day of our Outing, should we still show up?

YES. If it is raining the day of your trip and you have not heard from us in advance, you are expected to show up. You need to have appropriate clothing and rain gear protection because we do go out in light rain. Most of the time during the summer, storms pass quickly and we will still be able to have your trip.

What happens if weather gets bad after departure?

If we get underway and after a while, the weather conditions get worse, your guide may say we are headed back in.

Hunting Weapon Policy

Clients must supply their own weapon (bow, crossbow, firearm) and ammunition (or bolts, arrows). Our insurance requires this…

Privacy Policy

With exception of terms in waiver, Restorative Outdoor Services LLC never shares any information about clients with anyone, without written consent.