Q: Why are your rates so low?

A: Although your guide has 25+ years of experience, chasing every species that swims inland waterways of Northern Michigan, unlike most outfitters who only guide on a single body of water or for a single species, we offer you the chance to fish most lakes in the  region, which means I may not be familiar targeting a particular species in that particular location, that particular time of year. Being successful is extremely important to me, so we take being a “Jack of all trades” into consideration with our rates. This means that we are extremely flexible and broad in how and where we fish and also flexible with our rates, but also means that success rates will likely not be as high as other guides who have a more narrow focus. Our primary goal is to provide anglers with access to their favorite fishing holes, so you can fish for the species you want, in the style you want

*Hunting Services are similar, as we offer upland bird, small game, turkey, deer, bear and waterfowl hunting

Q: Where should I go?

A: There are tons of great spots in the region. Because safety is our first priority, we don’t fish Lake Michigan, Torch or Elk Lakes, due to how quickly conditions can turn ugly. Our main focus is to get anglers back to their favorite fishing holes. If you’r not sure where to go, just contact us and we’ll decide the best lake, based on what you’re after. 

Q: Do I need to bring any fishing gear or tackle?

A: We provide plenty of fishing gear & tackle, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Lucky lures are lucky for a reason…

Q: Are food & drinks provided?

A: We provide cold water on all trips to ensure our anglers are adequately hydrated. You’re more than welcome to bring snacks or a lunch if you’d like to. You may also bring your own drinks but no alcohol & no glass containers, please. 

Q: Is live bait provided?

A: Yes! Worms (night-crawlers) are always provided for free. You are welcome to bring other legal live bait. There are certain situations where we may provide other live bait for targeting specific species, as well. Just mention it when you contact us. 

Q: What else is provided?

A: Much more than could be listed here, but mainly FUN! Our mission is to ensure our anglers have a safe & enjoyable time on the water.  

In addition to providing you with pictures of your catch (if you’d like), we keep master angler forms on-board. If an eligible fish is caught, your guide will follow the proper procedures, filing the paperwork with the DNR (at no cost). 

If you’d like, we’re happy to bring a cooler (our you can bring your own, if you prefer!) to keep all legal catches for you to bring home to enjoy. Unfortunately, our current  insurance policy doesn’t allow us to fillet the fish for you at this time, but we’re working on this. We’re also happy to assist with carrying your catch to your vehicle, & of course, it has to be said that anything eaten while caught fishing with us is done so at your own risk. 

Plenty of “Fish stories” happily provided at no extra cost (and always happy to hear yours)

We provide enjoyable trips via our flexibility. If you need to take a bathroom break, or have any other reasonable requests, don’t hesitate to say so to your guide and we will head to the nearest bathroom facility with a proper launch site, before continuing the trip. 

Q: What should I bring?


  • -Rain gear
  • -Michigan Fishing License (Click here to get your fishing license online)
  • -Polarized sunglasses
  • -Wide-brim hat & long sleeve shirt/pants, as well as sun block (even on hazy days) for sun protection (we provide sun block & bug spray, but its always a good idea to put a base layer on before even getting in the boat)

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Due to the variety of services we offer, providing an accurate list of rates is difficult.

However, our rates are very flexible and we charge MUCH less than any other guide in the the area. Contact us for more information (call, text, email or online form).

Q: What are your policies on Safety/ Cancellations/ Refunds/ Etc.?

A: Please see our policies page.

Q: Can an individual who isn’t their own legal guardian go alone?

A: All clients who are not their own legal guardian must be accompanied by a caregiver. We don’t charge any extra for caregivers and they are welcome to join in on the fun of fishing, if they have a fishing license and your guide deems it appropriate. If a caregiver has any questions, concerns, requests, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Clients booking a hunting outing who are not their own legal guardian must also be accompanied by a caregiver (at no extra cost), but may not bring a second hunting bow/firearm.

Q: How do I book a trip?

A: Please visit our Book Trip page.

Q: Are there alternative options if I can’t afford to book a trip?

A: “Outdoors For All” is more than just a slogan for us. To provide the quality experiences our clients deserve and remain viable in the long-term, we must charge for  services. However, we are open to partnerships, collaborations or other options to cover cost-of-services for clients who cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket. 

We never want to turn anyone away due to inability to pay. We will continue to explore new avenues and update this site if any alternative options to charging out-of-pocket become available.